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  • No soaking: Stop moisture inside shoes. The Gore Tex membrane not only protects from wind and moisture from the outside, but also removes sweat from inside the shoe.

  • High-quality sole: The sole of these fall-winter shoes is made of high-quality material, which is characterized by durability and resistance to bad weather.

  • Functional zipper: Make putting winter shoes on and taking them off easier by choosing a model with a functional zipper. It’s the most convenient type of closure!

  • Fabric upper: The fabric upper makes these shoes lightweight, and with the right care it is durable and abrasion-resistant. Get ready for the fall and winter with timeless ankle boots.

  • Felt insole: A felt insole protects the feet from the cold and wraps them in softness. On top of this, it has moisture absorbing and anti-burn properties. These are the perfect shoes for the fall-winter time.

  • Felt interior: If you want your fall-winter shoes to look stylish and also keep your feet warm, choose a model with an interior lined with warm and flexible felt.